Amid the everyday rush, how often do we ask for some peace and quiet? In Castelo Mendo, as is characteristic of the Historical Villages of Portugal, we are able to rest the body and mind, sleep under a bright, starry night, and wake up to a place where only enjoying the silence and nature matters.

A village with predominantly medieval features, Castelo Mendo is composed of two walled cores, the Citadel and the Barbican. The oval-shaped citadel corresponds to the old burg, formed after the charter of D. Sancho II. The new burg, or Arrabalde de S. Pedro, protected by a Dionysian wall, had once been equipped with eight towers, partially destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. Today, we are still able to distinguish the origins of Castelo Mendo in the layout of its streets and marvel at the almost immaculate buildings that resist the passage of time.

The excitement of discovery we feel in Castelo Mendo and its peaceful streets make the visit to this village worthwhile, just like in the other Historical Villages of Portugal. To stay the night, Castelo Mendo suggests Casa do Corro: A small house projected to provide the utmost comfort and wellness. With amenities such as a fireplace, heating, and babysitting (with scheduling) and the promotion of walks, guided tours, bicycle rentals, and traditional games, Casa do Corro offers their guests all the conditions to enjoy a calm, relaxing direct encounter with nature.

In Almeida, only about 20 kilometers from Castelo Mendo, there are other lodging options that, because of their proximity (almost 15 minutes by car), also serve the interests of anyone who wants to visit the Historical Village.

Casa do Ti Messias is one example. A house located in the historic center inside a military fortress, distributed throughout three floors, as is tradition in Almeida. On the ground floor, there is a room with a stove and television and a fully equipped kitchen. On both the first and second floors, there is a double room with a private bathroom, and there is a spacious room with a view of the village and surroundings on the third floor.

Revelim is another option. A Rental Accommodation that provides 5 rooms furnished in a rustic, modern blend and a private bathroom. The rooms are called ravelins, alluding to five of the six ravelins that protect the Square of Almeida. Revelim even has two living rooms with a fireplace, two equipped kitchens, and a shop with the best regional products.

As for gastronomy, we feature the restaurant O Caçador. Located in the village of Malpartida (Largo do Olmo), it guarantees a memorable experience – and a great opportunity to taste a traditional meal without having to look at a clock or to hurry. The menu is based on recipes from a family of the region, an expert in regional dishes. At O Caçador, the sausages are homemade and serve as appetizers, as well as fresh cheese from the region. For the main dish, there is goat or lamb, roasted in the oven or grilled over a fire. And to top it off in style, nothing like savoring sweet rice or Serra da Estrela cheese with the traditional candied pumpkin dessert.

Whether to rest or to go on an adventure through the winding roads of a medieval village or the trails of the surrounding mountains, Castelo Mendo is waiting to provide us with an authentic experience in a traditional place, which will surely become unforgettable.