The Serra do Açor is painted of schist and blue, where little houses made of this typical rock of the Centro region give a single charm to the terrace of this hill in the Piódão village.

Known as the “Cribs Village”, Piódão looks like a set of dollhouses, in a distant view. Categorized as “Public Interest Property”, is a place like none else, where photography lovers let their passion run wild through the narrow and winding streets of the village, and the explorers get lost in the Serra do Açor corners.

In order to get to know Piódão better, it’s worthy to take the local accommodation offer and spend some days in the village. For example, the Casa da Padaria, rural tourism house in Piódão downtown. This house has already been a bakery that made bread for all the village and surroundings until the 70’s. In honor to its origins, the Casa da Padaria preserves the ancient wood-fired oven and some of the utensils used in the handmade manufacture of the bread. It has four bedrooms, all of them with a private bathroom, central heating and TV, games room and yet a dining room.

The Casa de Xisto do Piódão is another available suggestion, also located in the village downtown. It has three floors, a bedroom with a double bed and a complete bathroom with shower on the first floor, a bedroom with berth for two people on the attic and a double sofa bed. There is a kitchenette and fireplace with heat recovery on the ground floor.

Casa de Xisto do Piódão

With 27 fully equipped bedrooms, the Hotel INATEL Piódão is another option to stay in the village. This hotel business unit, built in schist, includes bar, restaurant, heated indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, sports gym, games room, meetings room, Wi-Fi, and private parking lot.

Hotel INATEL Piódão

Once you are in Piódão, it’s worthy to get the chance to know the typical regional gastronomy. For this purpose, there’s no better restaurant than “O Fontinha” that serves some of the zone specialties; like the Roasted Chanfana (sheep or goat meat) in the wood-fired oven, stuffed pork tripe, grilled trout, roasted kid in the oven, among others. It’s easy to find “O Fontinha”: it’s located in Piódão downtown, along with the village fountain.

There are enough suggestions to carry with you when you visit Piódão and enjoy the most of this charming village, where you will certainly have moments to always remember.