In the middle of Serra da Gardunha, we discover Castelo Novo, a Historical Village that fascinates us and that we fall in love with – and where we find the peace that we have been pursuing for so long.

Upon arriving at Castelo Novo, we immediately feel taken by the contagious tranquility: The sound of the water that springs from the fountains, the light tones of granite from the buildings and houses leaves us calm and relaxed, happy to finally find a place to rest.

With a unique architectural heritage, we find traces of the passage of peoples such as Muslims, the Knights Templar, and the king’s influence that gave Castelo Novo its charter, D. Manuel I. Castelo Novo is the perfect destination for History lovers and for anyone who looks for the peace that is impossible to find in the cities. There are accommodations in this village where we can finally close the door on the world’s confusion and simply find ourselves again, as well as our people’s origins.

Casa de Campo Villa Veteris, right in the heart of Castelo Novo, is one of the accommodation recommendations that this village offers us. Born from the passion of two interpreter guides, the 15th/16th century granite house is today a welcoming, pleasant location that provides its guests moments of tranquility and rest for those who intend to get away from the cities and enjoy a few days of pure leisure.

Casa de Castelo Novo, another available accommodation, is a seventeenth century building, an enchanting example of mannerist architecture. It offers its visitors a restful, lovely stay due to the comfortable, welcoming environment of its interior spaces and the hospitality of its hosts.

Around the historical villages, we even find Cerca Design House, a rural tourism house in an old 17th century manor, converted into a charming hotel in the village of Chão in Fundão. An unforgettable surprise in the heart of Serra da Gardunha.

For anyone who appreciates an experience in nature, the ideal suggestion is the enterprise Natura Glamping, which offers its guests the incredible experience of sleeping in Geodesic Domes in a privileged location of Serra da Gardunha, facing north, with a splendorous view of Cova da Beira and Serra da Estrela.

Now that the spirit has calmed down, it is also necessary to nourish the body. And there’s nothing better than a comforting Beira meal to replenish energies: The restaurant As Tílias, located in Fundão, nearly 14 km from Castelo Novo, stands out for its menu composed of the region’s most typical dishes.

And after getting used to the everyday tranquility of Castelo Novo and falling in love with the delicious flavors of Beira cuisine, it will be hard to leave this historical village behind without promising to return one day!